Artist's Statement



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My name is Jason Davidson-Hampton my grandfather is from Ngukurr (Roper River) Ngalakan people and my grandmother is from Kalkaringi (Wave Hill) Gurindji people.

This project was inspired by Aboriginal elders of the Gija people from the East Kimberley region of Australia.

Through my skin name Jupalji I have traced some of my extended family. During the time I have known my extended family I have been inspired to use my photography skills to help document some amazing stories re-told by Aboriginal elders.

The old people know many stories and it is very important that we as Aboriginal people preserve and document cultural and historical information for our future generations.

Aboriginal people have practiced their cultural and spiritual links to the land for tens of thousands of years. In less than 100 years the Kimberley region and the Aboriginal people have under gone violent change, reshaping an ancient country and culture.

All the will power in the world cannot undo all the evil that the first European settlers brought to Aboriginal Australia. The settlers slowly established the foundation of the 'new' country. That foundation was built on massacres, lies, imprisonment and stolen generations.

This destruction of culture and country is like a deep wound that can only be healed by revitalising culture and reconnecting with country. Senior Gija lawmen from the East Kimberley, inspired me to tell their story about our history, culture and country through photography.

These photographs document three different massacre sites visited on a journey through the East Kimberley with Gija elders. My work is in repect to our ancestors and my extended family the Gija people.